Anke Schofield: Surreal Mixed Media

23 - 24 July 2021
“My work is inspired photographically,” says Anke “but I take it beyond the ordinary
representation to create a harmonious blend of texture with composition."

Fri/Sat 3-7pm


Anke Schofield's popular large-scale works, which feature fantastical dream-like images created through complex layering, have been attracting national attention. 


Piquing the imagination, Anke's whimsical imagery of animate and inanimate objects integrated in unexpected ways is a sophisticated combination of photography, collage, oil paint, acrylic paint, wax, and sometimes even tar. The surreal juxtaposition of images is reinforced by the eclectic use of media.

Anke finishes her works with a smooth, shiny veneer of epoxy resins, creating the dreamlike “trance,” by further
separating image from reality and distancing the viewer from the textural physicality of the imagery.
The depth of Anke’s work continues to evolve as the imagery dives into the complexities of freedom, perception, balance and control.